Are you ready to get immersed into the Color Wave 2020 at MakeUp in New York on September 11 to 12, 2019?

For this edition of the show we invite you to live an ASMR experience. Enter the world of a new blissful naturally inspired movement and discover products by the show’s exhibitors that embrace the Color Wave. 

Each year BEAUTYSTREAMS identifies the color cosmetic shade that will be most trending the following year. In a constantly changing environment, where fast-fad trends prevent us from grasping true core trends, Color Wave aims to highlight which color will stand out in 2020.

The shade is selected based on societal, lifestyle, and aesthetic movements detected by BEAUTYSTREAMS.

The Color Wave hue forecasted for 2020 is BEETROOT, a natural color bursting with vitality that evokes beauty, gourmandise, and well-being!