IT Products

Looking for innovative formulas, packaging, full-service or accessories?
Discover the 2020 IT Products!

The IT Products Awards is a competition where beauty suppliers and manufacturers introduce their latest innovations. The competition is conducted by MakeUp in Experts Committee Members, who try and evaluate every submitted innovation, and the Awarded IT Products are displayed on the various MakeUp in show around the world.
BeauteaMatch Innovations page gathers all the winners, for the 2020 MakeUp in shows, and is classified within 4 categories: Formulation, Packaging, Full-service, Accessories.
More and more natural, beneficial for the environment and protective, even under a mask, the Awarded IT Products reveal the largest beauty trends of the year…

Be they American, European or Asian, MakeUp in NewYork exhibitors are moving from reflection to action with 38 new products competing to be elected IT PRODUCTS 2020.


A huge thank you to the experts, members of IT Products Expert Committee :
Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Founder of Beautyworld Connexions
Daniel Saclier, Founder of My Id Consult
Dany Sanz, Makeup Artist and Founder of MakeUp for Ever
Florence Bernardin, Founder of Information & Inspiration
Jean-Louis Mathiez, President of Cinqpats
Jean-Claude Le Joliff, biologiste de formation, créateur et animateur de la Cosmétothèque
Luisa Oliva,Phar. D. MSc R&D International Consultant and Formulation Designer
Max Herlant, professional makeup artist, has been Artistic Director of major skincare and makeup brands