Angelique Velez

Founder & CEO of Breakups to Makeup

Angelique Velez can quite literally say “love raised me, but lipstick saved me!” Makeup artist and founder of Breakups to Makeup used her personal journey with heartbreak to fuel the creation of Breakups to Makeup, which is now one of the country’s most sought after accessory and apparel brands for makeup enthusiasts.

Born and raised in New York, and of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent, Velez launched B2M to spread the message that makeup is more than just a product, but also an art form. As a makeup artist for more than a decade, Angelique recognized the importance of this creative outlet and wanted to educate and inspire others while turning heartbreak into moments of self-celebration.
Prior to embracing entrepreneurship and dedicating herself full time to her passion project, Velez was, and still is, a professional makeup artist with an impressive list of clients.

She lives in New York, enjoys traveling and being a full-time mom!