Verane de Marffy

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté USA

As the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Education for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté USA, Verane de Marffy brings 15 years of global beauty expertise and strategic vision to one of couture fashion’s most iconic brands.

Under her leadership, the YSL business has grown double digits for four consecutive years. One of her initiatives has been pioneering digital and social media, putting consumer behavior at the core of every brand decision. Other game-changing strategies have included breakthroughs in customization and pop-up shop implementations that have elevated the brand to new levels of luxury.

YSL Beauty’s parent company, L’Oréal, has been Verane’s professional home her entire career. Eleven years have been spent in global brand management and product development for Maybelline, Ralph Lauren and most recently Lancôme, in Paris.

Verane’s French-American background allows her to cross global borders and build relationships that drive decisions for the US market. Verane received her Masters from the Institute of Political Sciences (Sciences Po) in Paris and is raising her son Andreas as a single Mom in New York.