“Skinification” was the major trend in 2020, as consumers shifted from makeup to the “pandemic-proof” skincare market. The importance of health prevention takes a deep dive in makeup formulations and creates a holistic momentum for beauty. The core stories of makeup formulas, colors, textures are now linked to skincare ingredients. Wellness hints and active ingredients are in the spotlights.



ALL DAY NUDE Tinted Skin Enhancer

The research of a fresh and rested face, naturally sunkissed without filters that mask it. Lightness, comfort, radiance; the concept of “hybrid” that translates into a product as simple as a tinted moist, but performing with visible results, in the concept of “beauty mindfulness”. A totally clean texture, a hybrid of emulsion and gel, with multiple finishes and benefits: smooth, satin- moisturizing, elasticizing. The perfect moist for dry and dull skin, to hide dark spots, redness and other imperfections. The ideal tool to diffuse light and make complexion even-looking.



Tumeric custard cream

Contains 1% ‘turmeric’ that commonly used as a medicine from ayurveda india for about thousand years. The formula enriched with curcumin calm the stressed skin and make the skin elastic. Anti-aging effect with 10ppm curcumin which is powerful antioxidant helps delay skin aging by removing free radicals that cause aging.



Make care catalogue

Make care is about a new category of cosmetics that includes primers, foundations, highlighters, and bronzers. Make-up and skincare that overlap with each other, color that unites with skincare performance and in turn, skincare that is inspired by make-up. For these types of products, lumson has grouped specific solutions together in one catalogue: bottles, in both an atmospheric and airless version, glass jars, and a variety of plastic containers that can be paired with several dispensing systems and accessories to create ad hoc, customizable solutions. Does the customer have a product in mind and a formula? No problem, we’ll take care of the packaging!” Explains the lumson marketing team.



Lip supplement

Vitamin-packed 2in1 lip juice a natural and clean multipurpose lip balm and mask packed with a cocktail of vitamins for the most regenerative and nourishing effect with a unique enveloping sensoriality. Its fruilicious smell concurs in the creation of a world made of fun and sparkling wellbeing! Why you’ll love it: • 88.47% % natural ingredients & clean formula • active formula with 83% vitamins • satisfying sensoriality • fruilicious smell • super comfortable applicator and easy-to-carry pack plus vegan friendly superfood inspired tested efficacy

Chroma vision blush

Chroma vision blush a new slurry blush with unseen highly-satisfying sensoriality where the whole formula acts as a pool of active ingredients for wrinkle minimizing, lightening and sebum controlling actions. The presence of poppy extract works supporting skin firmness, improving radiance and elasticity.
72% natural ingredients & clean formula, superfood inspired, functional actives.