Radical Tracebility

As trust is the new currency, safety and wellness become key; the beauty industry needs to explore radical traceability solutions. From ingredient sourcing to the origin of packaging, or even new apps, traceability is becoming essential to attract consumers. Brands embrace a new era of traceability with technology, packaging, and sourcing process rebuilding.



Very juicy tangerine butter

Sustainable butter : tangerine butter upcycling vegetable butter reborn from by-products obtained when tangerine peel essential oil is extracted! A fresh and sweet scent of tangerine butter ingredients without any additional scent. Light butter cream that feels more hydrating than oil.



Lash & brow mask + brow’s that (toly applicator)

Have you ever dreamt to wake-up with fortified and healthier looking lashes and brows? Lash & brow mask is the only solution to promote the appearance of stronger, softer, more fortified and healthier lashes and brows. The formula contains different ingredients with nourishing and strengthening properties such as castor oil, shea butter and jojoba esters. Mimosa wax enhances the product adhesion on the lashes and brows and guarantees protective properties. Lash & brow mask is also enriched with an active made with hydrolized rhodophycea extract, a red algae extract rich in mg, ca, zn, si that has a strengthening activity on hair fibers. Use it as a “mask” but on your lashes and brows to nourish and to repair. Wear it overnight and wash off in the morning to have a fascinating natural look! Vegan formula brow’s that is a 2-in-1 full sized applicator designed for brows. The applicator has two sides; a soft wire brush for combing, as well as a flocked sleeve for colouring and blending.