Unleashing Freedom

The pandemic “home-hubbing” behavior arose craves for creativity and self-expression. Makeup rises again as the new tool to unleash freedom, optimism, and singularities. Consumers desire hypestyle and theatricalization of colors, textures, design, and products as a whole – to embrace personality and provide unique experiences.



Hypnotic stones ultra-metallic baked eyeshadow & firework drops intensity activator

Hypnotic stones: a product that recalls foil fragments and the quest for a texture that, like a magnet, sinuously attracts extensive light refraction to the eyelid.what sets him apart is the similarity with a liquid texture whose creminess, thanks to the wet&dry system, guarantees adhesiveness and full-bodied color. In fact, the use of the wet-dry binomial favors a modular finish that ranges from a metallic foil to a sparkling effect with multiple light points firework drops: a new category of multi-porpouse prodcut able to act as a “mixing medium” for wet&dry eyeshadows. Substitute to the classic water, firework drops is able to blend correctly without creating paste-like creams, but, in the utmost respect of the starting product, intensifying its performances transforming into an elastic, thin and easily spreadable veil. With a single drop, it fixes and increases the color’s brilliance, allowing you to transform eyshadow by intensifying the performances to the maximum and giving the “wow impact” even to the most standard powders. Mix the activator with the eyeshadow to see the color and materic intensity transformation.



Phygital life line

This line is inspired by immersive urbanism; of living in a city that mixes habitat with the natural environment. We recall a “phygital nature” inspired by the glowing effect of the microorganisms that can be seen through a microscope or deep on the ocean bottom. The artwork on the bottle of our new 1385 mascara package is phosphorescent and glows in the dark; mixing the natural night world with the digital life we live in.



Buttery lip tint

Buttery to blur transforming texture which makes your lip moisture, hydration with intense color appearance. Most good benefit is non-transfer but real comfort feel like cloud on your lips. This formula will change current liquid matt lip formula which is drying your lips.



Paint pans

These are artist couture colors for creating any design you desire. Paint shape or lines to create beautifully unique looks with the true tool an artist needs, high pigment paints.



Gelled bronzing oil – spf 50

Hybrid of skincare and color. Hydrating and conditioning gelled spf 50 oil lightly tints skin to create a natural, non-transferrable glow while providing broad-spectrum sun protection. Reef safe.



Magical chameleon compact

Like chameleon’s magical ability flashing with lacquer light. Geometric style compact brings you a modern feel. Express the feeling of self-independence and celebrate freedom!



Color journey

What happens when the brightest, most vivid, and intense colours meet lumson’s creativity and know-how? Something magical is the result: even the simplest and most minimalistic packaging is transformed into something unique. Unexpected combinations of colours and new effects take shape, giving life to an emotion-filled adventure. Colour journey is a trip through colour, in a moment in history where we all feel the need for more lightness and vitality. Through the shades of colour, we’ve given a concrete answer to this need for joy and energy while continually maintaining a connection with the simplicity and elegance which define our designs. Thanks to these effects obtained by decorations and colour, packaging is seen in a whole new light. From solid colours that slowly fade into a gradient effect, to pure high-intensity and semi-transparent colours that enhance the beauty of glass packaging. On glass the delicate shades become inviting sorbet-coloured tints, slowly fading out into tones that bring to mind the cool, fresh feeling of an ice cube. Colour effects and transparency leave glimpses into the heart of the packaging while the shine/matte contrasts create three-dimensional effects.



Brows on me

The brows amplifier. A clean and 80.5% natural tinted brow cream that contains two types of fibers for a combined length, volume and density effect. It also provides conditioning hydrating effect, tint-like buildable color and a fixing yet hyper comfortable wear. The innovative applicator is double sided for a fool-proof distribution and combing. Why you’ll love it: • 80.5% natural ingredients & clean formula • all in 1 xxl brow effect • fool proof application • fiber infused formula plus vegan friendly